Beat Procrastination Like a Boss

Beat Procrastination Like a Boss

“Oh my god I have so much to do, Shit, I don’t even know how long is my list.

Lets’ check my email first, oh no, so many unread emails.

My god where do I start, how can I have such a huge pile of to do list. I am gone”

If you find yourself in similar situation, you should definitely try this. I was able to beat my procrastination for good and do more in less time once I started using this.

It just needs a blank A4 paper and a cheapest quality ballpen. That’s all it takes.

So lets see how ?

Step 1: Scroll your email, your chat and jot down your tasks in the bullet points in paper first. Don’t worry if you come up with a Long list in the beginning, rest assured of these two facts

  1. Most of your to do list take less than 2 minutes to do ( Paying bill, confirming subscription renewal, replying to some basic query and the list goes on). Remember these tasks pile up in your mind and take more energy than the energy needed to actually execute them. So half of     to do list gets done in less than 2 hours.
  2. Also, take it easy that not all of the tasks need immediate execution. So, prioritize at most 5 or 7 of them to act first. The numbers 5 or 7 is not a magic number, you can decide based on how long do you actually take to complete your task. It’s your list and you know better how long it   takes, but be mindful not to prioritize many, you will get anxious and end up not completing them. So stick to 5 for now. My one is 7, but it keeps changing as needed.

Step 2: Just Do It: Focus on ONE and ONLY ONE task at hand. If you thing your are a master of multitasking, admit that you are not, if your multitasking was working for your, you wouldn’t be watching this video. Studies have shown, multitasking is detrimental to our focus and productivity. Just complete one and only one task at hand and move to other.

Step 3: What if you could not complete your task by the end of your workday. NO worries, don’t panic. Start the next day with the overdue tasks and repeat the process.

Trust me I have tried apps, calendar, todoist, notion and almost everything that you might have tried of might not even heard of.

And my realization is, it’s NOT THOSE APPS AND TOOLS, that do the work, it’s you and your approach to how you deal with your to do list. If you are not ready to change your way, forget about fancy apps, even god can’t help you. You don’t need anything literally anything apart from a piece of paper per day and a pen.

Also, I realized that once I started to jot down my to do list in paper and kept it in front of me, I ended up completing my tasks more than ever. Please try this and share your experience too.

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